Norway will have enough electricity in the years to come

wind turbines Clean EnergyWind turbines at sundown. Photo:

Statkraft believes that Norway will have more than enough electricity in the years ahead with the wind power plants that have already received licenses.

“Norway will have a considerable power surplus in the years ahead with the wind power plants that have been granted a license and which have been approved for development,” says Communications Manager in Torbjørn Steen in Statkraft to NRK.

Today, wind power is produced at 36 wind turbine plants along the Norwegian coast. By 2021, more than 30 further wind turbine installations will be built, which will help to increase profits.

Statnett considers that the current power surplus is 10 terawatt hours (TWh) in a normal year, and that Norway is likely to have a profit of 20 TWh after 2030. But changes can come faster than this, if consumption growth becomes lower or new power production is being expanded more quickly, says communication manager at Statnett, Irene Meldal to NRK. 1 TWH corresponds to the power consumption of 62,500 households.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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