Norway’s consumer protection watchdog wants grocery chains to end 3-for-2 offers

Grocery storeGrocery store.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

The Norwegian Consumer Council (Forbrukerrådet) asked grocery chains to stop offering 3-for-2 offers to help reduce food waste.

“Reducing food waste at home is something many people want to do but it’s perceived as difficult in everyday life.

One of the reasons for that is that we’re tricked into buying more food than we need due to additional sales campaigns and tempting 3-for-2 offers,” Consumer Council director Inger Lise Blyverket noted.

Tuesday, September 29, is the UN’s international food waste day, and it is on this occasion that the Consumer Council demands that the grocery chains cut this type of offer.

On average, every Norwegian throws away 42 kilos of edible food every year.

Assuming responsibility

The Consumer Council believes that the responsibility for the waste cannot be placed on consumers alone.

“The chains have long discussed stopping additional sales and 3-for-2 offers, but they continue to do so extensively. Now, they must stop.

Consumers must be allowed to decide how large quantities they want to purchase to a greater extent,” Blyverket said.

The authorities and the food industry as a whole have committed themselves to a 30% reduction of food waste by 2025 and 50% by 2030 through a voluntary industry agreement.

The Consumer Council believes that even more targeted work must be done to achieve these goals.

“To achieve these goals for reduced food waste, everyone must take greater responsibility,” Blyverket said.

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  1. Classic. Then the grocery stores make even more money for the garbage quality we already overpay for, farms will produce and sell less and we’ll get to subsidize their inefficiency even more and in the end Norway will keep drilling oil to pollute the rest of the world in order to day were eco friendly on paper. High fives all around!

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