Norwegian chain ‘Egon’ heading for Britain

Egon restaurantEgon restaurant.Photo: Norway Today Media

Norwegian restaurant chain ‘Egon’ is headed for Britain

Sweden’s Egon restaurant has done surprisingly well, say the owners, who are looking at possibilities of opening branches in several European countries, including Britain.


‘What we opened in Stockholm has caused ripple effects which have meant that we’ve received offers from other parts of Europe.

We’ve had meetings with farm owners in the UK, without anything concrete being decided,’ said Chief Executive Officer, Dan Robert Halshamn, to Adresseavisen newspaper.

Halsham is the general operations manager in the owner company, Norrein.

Trondheim based chain

The Trønder restaurant chain last year sold food and beverages for just over NOK 1.1 billion, and had before tax profits of 167 million.

‘These are big numbers, but it only shows that our guests are satisfied, and come back to us time after time,’ said Halshamn.

33 years after opening, the chain now has 39 restaurants, one of which is located in Stockholm. They plan to open more restaurants
in Sweden.


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