Norway’s first electric bus

electric articulated busElectric articulated bus

At 08.28, the passengers started to board Norway’s first electric bus, which was deployed on line 31E from Grorud to Fornebu. They were able to sit in the quiet, emission-free bus on their way to work for the very first time. This occurred on Thursday 21 December.

Nobina is the first in Europe to use electrically powered buses. At the end of the year, there will be a delivery of another electrically powered bus from the Chinese manufacturer, BYD. The two 18-meter long busses will run on lines 31 and 31E, which is the country’s most trafficked line, with approx. 15 million customers a year, and about 50,000 daily travellers.

“We look forward to gaining valuable experience with these climate-friendly and quiet buses. Line 31 will be the first line that gets such a concept in Norway.”

Source: Ruter / Norway Today