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Norway’s meat imports drop

Meat sawCut Meat, Photo: Pixabay

From January to April 2017, Norway imported 8,023 tonnes of meat, according to figures from Statistics Norway (Statistisk sentralbyrå,which the Norwegian Agricultural Directorate have read.

So far this year, ’20% less meat was imported to Norway than during the same period in 2016, and almost 30% lower than in 2015’, reported Nationen newspaper.

Most of the imported meat was beef, because Norway produces much less beef than we eat. For beef, imports fell from 8,538 tonnes during the first four months of last year, to 6,953 tonnes this year.

This is due to the fact that the deficits for beef and veal are somewhat decreased this year from last year. Market regulator, Nortura,expects beef production to increase by 3% this year, while sales decline by 2%.

Nevertheless, it’s expected that Norwegian beef production will only cover 82% of demand, which indicates continuing growth in imports.

The large surplus of lamb decreased imports of sheep and lamb. From January to April this year, 94 tonnes of sheep and lamb were imported,compared to 588 tonnes in the first months of last year.

So far, imports of pork have increased from 698 tonnes last year, to 857 tonnes this year. For chicken, imports have decreased from 137 tonnesm last year, to 119 tonnes this year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today