Norway’s Progress Party wants free ferries by 2025

FerryPhoto: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen / Unsplash

The Progress Party (FRP) wants to halve the ferry fares in the country immediately and remove them completely by 2025.

“We have previously been clear that we want free ferries on the national road network. The new thing is that we now also want it on the county road network,” county leader Frank Sve in Møre og Romsdal FRP told newspaper Romsdals Budstikke.

The proposal to halve ferry prices immediately and to make ferry trips free during the next parliamentary term will be considered along with the corona package.

The FRP estimates that it would cost around NOK 1.5 billion to halve ferry fares and NOK 3 billion to remove them completely. 

According to Sve, the costs would be covered by “increased value creation throughout the country.”

Counting on the Labor Party

“The country should be ready for this now. The Labor Party (AP) has invested a lot in the issue, and if they want to have a hint of credibility, they must vote for this in the Storting and show that they mean it. This must get a majority,” Sve believes.

In January, the AP promised to halve ticket prices for ferries along the entire coast during the coming parliamentary term, and estimated the costs at NOK 1.3 billion. 

Among other things, they want to finance the move through higher taxes from the richest.

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