Norway’s Red Party wants to introduce free kindergartens, free school meals, and free dental health

Bjørnar MoxnesPhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

The Red Party (Rødt) wants to increase both taxes and the use of oil money to finance increased expenditures of a total of NOK 44 billion in its alternative state budget.

Like the Labor Party (AP), the Red Party wants to dig deeper into Norway’s Oil Fund and spend NOK 14.7 billion more of oil kroner than the government. 

The Red Party wants to use these funds to finance income security for the unemployed during the corona crisis, as well as jobs and environmental initiatives.

“Crisis package for workers needed”

“A crisis package for workers is needed. The corona crisis has shown us that income security schemes were too meager even before the crisis occurred. The Red Party wants a stronger safety net for everyone,” party leader Bjørnar Moxnes, who on Friday presented the party’s alternative budget, noted.

When it comes to tax policy, the Red Party has different ideas compared to the Labor Party. 

While the Labor Party mainly wants to continue the current tax regime, keep the tax level in place, and only increase taxes for the high-paid and those with large fortunes, the Red Party wants to increase the tax level by NOK 30 billion.

Free daycare and dental health

The Red Party would add NOK 44 billion on the expenditure side. 

The party wants to use the money to phase in free kindergarten, free school meals in primary school, phasing in free dental health, lower ticket prices for public transport, and removal of VAT on Norwegian-produced fruit and vegetables, to name a few items.

“So far, the crisis has strengthened differences in Norway. Hundreds of thousands have lost their income, while many of the very rich have increased their fortunes. We must reverse this development,” Moxnes warned.

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