Norway’s Royal House to receive 88 million kroner for security in 2021

The Royal HouseThe Royal House. Oslo. Norway. Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB

The budget for Norway’s Royal House will be increased by 15.7% next year. Most of the additional funding will go into securing royal properties.

Both the royal couple and the crown prince couple will receive a “salary increase” of 3.5% next year and will receive a total increase of just under NOK 24 million.

The increased costs for the royal family in 2021 are related to securing the properties.

The funding for “special projects at the Royal Court,” which entail security, will be increased from NOK 50 million this year to NOK 87.9 million next year.

The project has a total budget of just over NOK 608 million and will be completed next year.

When all the expenses for the court are included, a little over NOK 335 million has been set aside for the Royal House in the proposal for next year’s state budget.

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