Norway’s tax authorities fear a wave of corona fraud from foreign criminals

Kroner - poundsPhoto: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

The Norwegian tax authorities are currently investigating 112 cases of corona funding fraud. At the same time, the Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten) fears a wave of foreign criminals will take advantage of the schemes.

“Foreign criminal groups look at the Norwegian support schemes as a jar of honey,” department director Erik Nilsen at the Tax Administration told newspaper Dagbladet.

He fears that organized criminals from abroad will have access to attractive corona funding. 

The agency is therefore working full-time to map the threat from criminal actors, both foreign and Norwegian.

112 ongoing cases

“A particular challenge with foreign players is that funds that are to be paid in taxes and fees disappear from the country. Furthermore, that tax and duty claims are not paid,” he said. 

The tax authorities currently have 112 ongoing control cases.

As of today, 591 cases had to go through control. 

“In 126 cases that have been finalized, we have demanded the return of NOK 19.9 million,” Nilsen said.

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