Norwegian company with Boeing contract expands in the USA

Norwegian TitaniumPhoto: Norwegian Titanium

The Hønefoss company, Norwegian Titanium, will supply components for Boeing that are made with a 3D printer. The company is steeply increasing its production in the United States.

Norwegian Titanium’s structural components are approved by the Federal Aviation Authority FAA, and the company will be the first in the world to deliver parts approved in such a way to Boeing, the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers.

‘We are proud to take this historic step together with an aviation innovator such as Boeing. We will continue to expand the portfolio of products we deliver to Boeing in line with strict safety and legal requirements. It is an honour to receive FAA approval for these components’, said Norwegian Titanium boss,Warren M. Boley, on their website. The Norwegian Titanium components are to be used in Boeing’s prestige model, Dreamliner.

The parts will first be produced in Norway, but the company plans to sharply expand capacity at its factory in the US state of New York.

‘We put the first machine in place in Plattsburgh recently, and we have three machines in Norway.

During the year, we will move production of Boeing here, and towards the end of the year we will have nine machines in operation here, said marketing director, Chip Yates, to a local North American radio station.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today