Norwegian driving licenses will be inspected

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All Norwegian driving licenses will be inspected after corruption case

The Road Directorate shall examine all Norwegian driving licenses issued before 1 September 2014. This is stated in an internal report on corruption at Arendal Traffic Station.


Prior to September 1, 2014, it was possible for prosecutors at the traffic stations in this country to issue driving licenses without either a theoretical or practical test.

Agderposten wrote that a corruption warrant previously employed by Arendal traffic station once again between 2012 and 2014 expanded the driver’s license of a bankrupt and corruption indicted used car dealer in Arendal to include heavy vehicles.

– The caseworker at Arendal Traffic utilized manual processes and employer confidence to commit fraud, writes the internal auditors to the NPRA in an internal report after investigating corruption against the now fired caseworker.


The report points out, among other things, in the wrongful issuing of driver’s licenses, issuing of temporary car plates to oneself, counterfeiting of sales reports and reception of undue benefits.

Regional Director Kjell Inge Davik says to Fædrelandsvennen that he is surprised that the investigators found so many holes in their systems.

“We’re gonna close the holes we can.” Several measures will be assessed at national level. This is learning we will take with us, says Davik to the newspaper.

Gross corruption

Before September 1, 2014, the case workers at the traffic stations themselves had to submit information from a number of side systems into the automobile and driver’s license register Autosys. There was no automatic check of the information, and according to the internal audit report, it was therefore possible to issue driving licenses without the theoretical and practical tests being passed.

Both the used car dealer and the former case worker at Arendal traffic station are charged with gross corruption. Both denies culpability.


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