Norwegian economist: Home office is here to stay

Home officePhoto: Thomas Brun / NTB

Half of all jobs can be done from home, and home offices and digital meetings will be common in the future, NHO’s chief economist Øystein Dørum believes.

“Half of all the jobs can be done from home, also in the future,” Dørum told P4.

Thus, the shutdown in March may have changed Norwegian working life forever. 

This can, in turn, have an impact on other areas of society.

“If both the company and the employees think it is better that people work from home, not every day, but several times a week, then it matters how we shape the transport capacity in society, and it matters how we shape the office space in society. Several people can in the same place with shift arrangements,” Dørum said.

Less business travel

In Finland, Germany, Denmark, France, Sweden, and the Netherlands, between 35 and 45% of the workforce have tasks that can be done from home, according to an analysis of the labor market in European countries.

Dørum also believes that there will be less business travel in the future because many have realized how efficient and cost-saving it is to have digital meetings.

“Companies are required to make money for their owners, and if they can cut costs and at the same time maintain production, then they should do it,” he concluded.

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