Norwegian electric cars contribute to CO2 cuts globally

electric carsElectric cars.Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB Scanpix

New calculations from the company DNV GL show that electric cars have become cheaper worldwide due to sales in Norway. This has contributed to major emission cuts.

In Norway, 10 per cent of cars are electric , while the share in Denmark and Sweden is 0.6 per cent, writes Aftenposten.

Without the Norwegian electric car policy, with zero tax and VAT on purchases and other benefits such as free parking, toll reduction and cheaper ferry tickets, the proportion would have been 1 percent, DNV GL estimates.

The Norwegian electric car boom has pushed down the prices of batteries and electric cars worldwide, and thus increased sales in other countries, says research leader Sverre Alvik in DNV GL.

– New technology, such as batteries, becomes cheaper the more you produce. Then more people in other countries will choose to buy electric cars. We have made calculations that show that the total global CO2 emissions in the period 2010-2050 would have been almost 400 million tonnes higher without the Norwegian electric car policy, he tells the newspaper.

The calculations show that, when global effects are taken into account, the electric car policy is one with the lowest cost measures in Climate Change 2030. The price per reduced ton of CO2 is thus reduced from NOK 1,500 to NOK 250, according to DNV GL.

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