Norwegian energy-drink wins case brought by ‘Monster’

Oslo Courthouse prostitutes trialOslo Courthouse.Photo. Norway Today Media

The energy drink giant, Monster, lost in Oslo District Court after they took Norwegian ‘Manimal Energy’ to court because of what they considered to be a strong product similarity.

American ‘Monster Energy’ also believed that the slogan of their energy drink was too similar to Norwegian ‘Manimal Energy’ and thus sued the company.

In a verdict from the Oslo District Court, Manimal is upheld,and Monster were condemned to pay the costs of the Norwegian company, which were NOK 378,537 wrote E24 news.

‘’We are pleased that a giant won’t prevent a fresh company from competing in the market’’ said Wadood Ali Faiz of Manimal Energy to the online newspaper.

In the judgment, however, it stated that Manimal is approaching the limit of what Monster can expect to tolerate in terms of equality.

Monster Energy is owned by Monster Beverage Corporation, which has the Coca-Cola Company as its largest owner.

Norwegian Manimal Energy was founded in 2017 and is an import company for Manimal Energy Ltd, which was founded in England the year before reported E24.

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