Norwegian farmers lack feed for 12,000 animals

Agriculture, cows, Hindus Religion gelatin husbandryAgriculture, cows. Photo: Norway Today Media

On a new website, Norwegian farmers can indicate how much feed they are missing and what’s left over. So far, the figure shows that over 12,000 animals lack feed.


Overall, the farmers who have registered on the website,, lack 39,000 hay bales, NRK news reported.

“This applies mainly to milk cows, sheep and horses,but I have also received a request for feed for everything from lama to one farmer who had 30 rabbits. So this hits a wide range,’’ said Jørn Erik Toppe, who is behind the website.

It is the long-lasting drought that has caused the lack of animal feed, which implies significant financial loss for farmers. The website aims to connect farmers who lack feed with farmers who have a feed surplus.

The Norwegian Agricultural Advisory Board (NLR) fears the crisis will give rise to mass killings of animals,and reductions by desperate farmers.

‘’It’s almost brings tears to your eyes. This affects your entire lifecycle,’’ said NLR adviser in Grimstad, Josefa Andreassen Torp.

“This is not just a situation that concerns a small area.Where you have previously been able to buy feed from other places in the country or from neighbouring countries, it is almost impossible to get feed at all,’’ she added.

Minister for Agriculture and Food, Jon Georg Dale of Fremskrittspartiet (Frp) announced last weekend that he is implementing more emergency measures as a result of the worst summer drought since 1947.

As of July 13th, there will be zero customs duty for the farmers’ imports of hay and straw. In addition, farmers who slaughter and produce coarse feed will still receive land subsidies for grain. The Ministry will also have faster case processing for compensation claims, with payment targets by the end of 2018. The farmers can advance up to 50% of the compensation.

“As the weather forecast looks, it may be critical for the farmers, but we are doing everything we can with the room for action that we have. We would love to do more, but without rain it will be difficult,” said Dale to NTB news.


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