Norwegian government to “freeze” taxes on petrol and diesel cars in 2021

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The annual fee for petrol and diesel cars will not be increased in the budget for 2021. At the same time, an annual fee will be introduced for electric cars.

The Ministry of Finance confirmed the news to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

The government has decided that those who own an electric car must pay NOK 2,000 in annual fees from next year. 

When the decision first became known in connection with the proposal for the state budget, the government emphasized that the taxes for petrol and diesel cars should also be increased. 

However, the government abandoned the decision to increase taxes for petrol and diesel cars after negotiations on the state budget with the Progress Party (FRP).

“Very serious”

“It is very serious that the government will not make it more expensive to buy and use fossil-fuel cars. At the same time, they are cutting back on the electric car benefits by making it more expensive to own an electric car,” Une Bastholm of the Green Party (MDG) said.

Minister of Climate and Environment Sveinung Rotevatn (V) believes that electric car owners can withstand a tax increase of NOK 2,000 per year. 

He says that the government did not get full support for all of its wishes in the negotiations with the FRP.

“I was very pleased with the proposal for the state budget presented by the government… We do not have a majority and cannot dictate everything that will pass (through the Norwegian parliament). But I think the final sum has been good,” he said.

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