Norwegian has sent notice of termination to all cabin crew in Sweden

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Norwegian has sent notice of termination to all cabin crew in Sweden

All Norwegians’ cabin employees in Sweden will receive notice of termination, reports Dagens Næringsliv. This applies to around 380 employees.

Recently, Norwegian has been working hard to meet the financial requirements for implementing a government crisis package of up to NOK 3 billion.

The debt-laden company has now sent notice of termination to all its cabin employees in Sweden, confirms Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen, Director of Information, Norwegian to DN.

– The rules for layoffs are different in Sweden, where, among other things, the employer is required to cover a larger proportion of employees’ salaries. The dismissed staff are guaranteed to return to work when activity resumes. They have got that right for twelve months, says Sandaker-Nielsen.

OSM Aviation, which has a total of 380 cabin employees for Norwegian in Sweden, has sent notice of termination to all.

Chief safety representative Nils Henrik Sanner in Norwegian says:

– Many employees think this is a shock reaction, because things has moved so fast. The industry needs help to get started again, if we are to have a viable industry in the future.

Norwegian has also started discussions with the pilot association, and several administrative staff are working in reduced positions.

Over 8,000 Norwegian employees in both Scandinavia, Europe and the US are now laid off in accordance with local regulations.

On Monday also came the news that the Per G. Braathen-owned airline BRA in Sweden is grounding its aircrafts, and announced terminations for 600 employees.

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