Norwegian investors back ‘Danish’ salmon in the United States

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Norwegian investors have invested hundreds of millions of kroner on a Danish company that will run salmon farming, on land, in the USA.


Danish company, Atlantic Sapphire, will build a land based facility in Miami and, according to the news agency Ritzau, have obtained NOK 640 million to do so, primarily from Norwegian investors.


Additionally, DNB bank has committed approximately NOK 500 million to the project, and plan to raise a further NOK 290 million in investments during the next year.


The facility will use new technology that recycles the water.


Thus, only 500 litres (132 gallons) of water per kilogram (2.2lbs) of fish are needed, against today’s solutions that can use up to 50,000 litres (13,208 gallons) of water.


‘The Americans are wild for salmon that are environmentally friendly, and free from artificial dyes. Therefore, it’s been possible to acquire the necessary capital to start a giant plant in Miami’, said one of Atlantic Sapphire’s start-up team, Thune Holm.


The Miami plant will produce 90,000 tonnes of salmon per year, which will double current salmon production in the USA. Today, North America imports 500,000 tonnes of salmon per year from abroad.


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