Norwegian liquor manufacturer has started hand disinfectant production

Nittedal.Arcus.Responsible Vice President Erik Bern : Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB scanpix

Norwegian liquor manufacturer Arcus has already supplied its first cans of disinfectant. They aim to produce 15,000-20,000 liters.

“There is demand because disinfectant is difficult to get. We have both liquor and production potential,” says Group Director Erik Bern in reply to NTB’s question as to why Arcus started production.

Dagbladet first mentioned the case.

Arcus now manufactures both hand spray and disinfectant for surface washing.

“We produce for industry and not for private individuals. We deliver in 25-liter cans,” says Bern.

A number of requests
Already on Friday, they delivered the first hand spray to 110-sentralen Øst.

“We started on Thursday last week. Now we are doing pharmacy deliveries.”

“We have a number of requests, including from fire and rescue and burial services that have great needs. We prioritize health care, police and fire services,” emphasizes the Group Director.

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