Norwegian Minister to hold brexit meeting with business community

Minister of Trade and Industry Monica Mæland ( Conservative Party ) jobs Finnmark LabourMinister of the Interior, Monica Mæland ( Conservative Party ).Photo: Hans Jørgen Brun,

Norwegian Minister Monica Mæland has invited the business community to a meeting about the brexit at the end of the  summer.

The theme is the impact the UK’s withdrawal from the EU could have for Norwegian industry.
– The Brexit result has caused considerable uncertainty among the companies and persons in the business community who are trading with Britain. In the meeting we want to share the information currently possess about the consequences for Norwegian trade. We also want input from the industry on any challenges , so that the government can take a closer look at those as well, when we continue on our work on these issues,  the Minister of Industry says.
One of the major issues to be addressed,is  the potential impacts  of a change in the EEA, since the UK is by far the largest trading partner as a result of oil and gas exports.
– If the EEA Agreement no longer regulates Norwegian-British trade, we have to find a form of cooperation that safeguards Norwegian business interests in a good way, it is important for us to ensure the continued well-functioning trade with Britain,  Mæland stresses.
The meeting will take place on August 24.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today