Norwegian mobile customers pay the most but receive the least data

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Norwegian mobile companies earn more than 40 per cent more per customer than in  other Nordic countries, according to a new survey from the Consumer Council.

According to the Consumer Council’s recent review of the mobile market in the Nordic countries, Swedish and Danish mobile phone customers pay significantly less for data than Norwegian customers, reports Aftenposten.

Norwegian mobile customers pay the most and receive the least mobile data for their money.

“When mobile companies in Norway earn more than 40 per cent more per customer compared to the other Nordic countries, it is an obvious consequence that Telenor and Telia alone control 90 per cent of the market,” Inger Lise Blyverket, director of the Consumer Council, told the newspaper.

She believes that Telenor and Telia limit competition to their own benefit and do not bother to challenge each other in terms of price or size of data packages.

The Council’s review of the mobile market shows that Norwegians use 5.5 gigabytes (GB) a month, the Finns 20 GB a month while Danes and Swedes use 44 and 28 percent more data than Norwegians respectively.

The Consumer Council expects concrete measures in the government’s parliamentary report on the competitive situation in the mobile and broadband market.

Telenor and Telia inform the newspaper that contrary to the Consumer Council’s description of their business practices, they believe the competition is tough in the Norwegian market. They point out that the price differences are related to development costs and the need to adapt business and price models to competition, consumption habits and demand in each country.

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