Norwegian motorists paid record amount of tolls last year

Automatic tollAutomatic toll.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Once again, a toll record has been set in Norway. A total of NOK 12.1 billion in tolls were paid last year.

In the Granavolden political platform, agreed upon by the Conservatives, the Progress Party, the Liberals, and the Christian Democrats in 2019, the government promised to “introduce a tax deduction for toll expenses.”

“Now this new deduction must come into place. It was promised in 2019, but no one has heard anything since,” communications manager Camilla Ryste in NAF told newspaper Aftenposten.

The government needs FRP’s support to obtain a majority for next year’s state budget. 

The FRP’s fiscal policy spokesperson Sylvi Listhaug has already highlighted a reduced toll burden as one of FRP’s main demands in the negotiations.

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