Norwegian photographer not allowed to enter an industrial company


A photographer from LO Media were stopped to enter an industrial company in Kongsberg. The reason was that he was born in Vietnam.

On last Tuesday the photographer Tri Nguyen Dinh and journalist Alf Inge Molde from LO Media were in Kongsberg to cover downsizing effect in industrial enterprises in the city, wrote magazine journalist.

When the two were going into the building to GKN Aerospace, Dinh been informed that he was not allowed to enter. Dinh, who was born in Vietnam but came to Norway in 1980, had to hand over the camera to his colleague and wait outside.

Editor in LO-News, Svein Yngve Madssen, believes the incident is totally unacceptable.

– Although this concerns a defense company where their customers set special requirements for safety, we cannot accept such a form of discrimination based on nationality, wrote Madsen in an email to the journalist.

Safety officer Geir Olsen in GKN Aerospace states that the company must follow the so-called Itar-regulations (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) imposed by the United States.

– It’s not something we think is so good, but it is something that must be followed in order to deliver. It is for reasons of espionage and security of production, said Olsen, adding that neither Molde had free access to the production area.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today