Norwegian seafood exports grow by 13% in May

SeafoodSeafood.Photo: Berit Roald / SCANPIX

Norway exported 163,000 tonnes of seafood with a value of NOK 7.6 billion in May.

The volume was at the same level as May 2016, while export value increased by NOK 888 million or 13 per cent. So far this year, Norway has exported 1.1 million tonnes of seafood worth NOK 39 billion.

Export volumes have increased by 3 per cent, while the year-on-year growth in value is NOK 3.2 billion or 9 per cent.

– ”In May, we saw growth in exports for all the major commercial species such as salmon, cod, haddock and saithe. In particular, demand for Norwegian salmon in Asia increased.

This means that an increasing proportion of Norwegian salmon goes to raw consumption. The salmon price was NOK 70 per kg in May, which is the second highest price measured this year”, says Paul T. Aandahl analyst at the Norwegian Seafood Council.

– “For cod we see the greatest growth for conventional products such as salted fish and clip fish. The main drivers are increased campaign pressure in Portugal and growth in the Brazilian economy”, says Ingrid Kristine Pettersen analyst at the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Increased value of salmon exports despite reduced volumes
Norway exported 73,000 tonnes of salmon with a value of NOK 5.3 billion in May.

The reduction in export volume to the EU was 6,150 tonnes, while the total decrease in volume was 3,800 tonnes or 5 per cent.

The value increased by NOK 535 million or 11 per cent from May last year. So far this year, Norway has exported 377,000 tonnes of salmon worth NOK 26 billion.

While the average price for fresh whole salmon was NOK 60.17 per kg in May 2016, it had risen to NOK 69.98 per kg in May 2017. Poland, France and Denmark were the largest recipients of salmon exports from Norway in May.

Exports of trout decreased by 43 per cent in May

Norway exported 2,900 tonnes of trout to a value of NOK 236 million in May.

The volume fell by 43 per cent, while the export value was reduced by NOK 45 million or 16 per cent compared to May last year. So far this year, Norway has exported 14,000 tonnes of trout worth NOK 1.1 billion. Japan, Thailand and the United States were our largest trout markets in May.


Source: / Norway Today