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Norwegian seafood exports total NOK 9.1 billion in October

Norwegian seafood exportsNorwegian seafood.Photo: Norway Today Media


Norway exported 275,000 tonnes of seafood worth NOK 9.1 billion in October.


Volumes were down by 5 per cent, while the total value of exports fell by 3 per cent or NOK 281 million compared with October last year. Year to date, Norway has exported 2.1 million tonnes of seafood with a value of NOK 77.6 billion.

Export volumes have increased by 3 per cent, and value has increased by 5 per cent or NOK 3.4 billion compared with the same period last year.

“With seafood exports totalling NOK 9.1 billion, October was the second best single month for Norwegian seafood exports ever.

Salmon exports increased by 2 per cent in October, total whitefish exports increased by 10 per cent, while mackerel and herring exports were down by 19 per cent. Total seafood exports in October were slightly under our all time historical record month set in October 2016″ said Asbjørn Warvik Rørtveit, Director of Market Insight with the Norwegian Seafood Council.


Source: / Norway Today