Norwegian shipyard to build coast guard vessels for just under NOK seven billion

Illustration:Three new coast guard vessels.Photo: Vard / Forsvardepartementet / NTB scanpix

The Armed Forces have ordered three new coastguard vessels to a total value of 6.8 billion.The vessels will be built at Vard Langsten Shipyard in Møre and Romsdal.


Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen of Høyre (H) visited the yard in Tomrefjord early on Monday morning, wrote Sunnmørsposten newspaper.

The value of Vard’s contract is NOK 5 billion, while the estimated value is 6.8 billion.
Director of Defence Materials, Mette Sørfonden and Executive Vice President Roy Reite signed the contract.

Shipyard Director Ronny Langset said the contract provides activity at the yard for six years to come.

“This is a joyful day, not just for Vard, but for the entire maritime region,” said Reite,the Executive Vice President.

The yard had previously built the intelligence service’s new surveillance vessel, Marjata.This ship had a cost frame of 1.5 billion kroner. The hull arrived at the yard from Romania in 2014.

“The vessel will be an important part of continuing the E-service mission in the High North.It represents a modern capacity that will help ensure the information needs of the service for the next 30 years,” said Lieutenant General Kjell Grandhagen,Chief of the Intelligence Service.


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