Norwegian shopping industry will cut 100 million plastic shopping bags

plastic bag fee shoppingPlastic Bag. Shopping. Photo: Pixabay

Half of the population believes that recycling plastic bags is among the most useful environmental measures. Now, Norwegian trade will cut 100 million plastic shopping bags.

In order to get people to use the plastic bags again, Norwegian Trade and Commerce’s Environmental Fund now launches the “Pocket Bag” campaign, which shows how to fold a plastic shopping bag into a small triangle that fits in the pocket.

– “If everyone learns the simple folding technique and goes with one in their pocket or purse, we avoid this problem and can save the environment from a lot of plastic,” says general manager of Rasmus Hansson in the Environmental Shopping Fund in a press release.

Over 700 million plastic shopping bags are sold annually. Trade now wants to cut consumption by 20 percent by the end of 2020.

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