Standard for Diversity Management

Diversity Management Norwegian StandardNorwegian Standard for Diversity Management (photo: unsplash).

Norwegian Standard for Diversity Management in the pipeline

Diversity is strengthening the general society and individual businesses, but in order to reap the benefits, functioning systems and appropriate management are required.


Standards Norway (Standard Norge) has now issued a Norwegian Standard for Diversity Management, which will be presented at a breakfast meeting in Oslo on January 26.

 Today’s work life is diverse. People are of different genders, age, ethnic background, religion, culture, language, competence, sexual orientation, functional level, and so forth.

-Diversity is a bonus for businesses as long as it is handled and managed in an appropriate manner – and not as a problem to be solved. Diversity is a natural part of every society, and with this standard we want to provide society a tool to reap the benefits and strengths of diversity in society, says CEO of Standards Norway, Jacob Mehus.

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