Norwegian Strawberries Battle Imports

Strawberries.Photo: Torstein Bøe / NTB scanpix

Statistics Norway (SSB) has released 2017’s strawberry consumption statistics and to no surprise; Norwegians love strawberries! With such high demand, just less than half of the strawberries offered at Norwegian market are of Norwegian origin, with Norway’s 2017 farmers producing 48% of strawberries consumed.


Strawberries are a year-round staple for Norwegians, but growing season for strawberries in Norway usually only lasts from early June to about September.

Half the year (winter & spring) Norway’s strawberries are mostly imported; with the total import volume of strawberries surpassing Norway’s domestic berry production over the last five years.

SSB senior counselor Berit Bjørlo commented upon Norway’s 2017 strawberry yields, saying “Strawberries are the most important berry within Norway. They comprise about 70% of all berries grown on Norwegian soil.”

NOK 850 Million
8,500 tonnes of strawberries were produced from Norwegian farms in 2017; generating a total income of NOK 432 million.

In the same year, 9,650 tonnes of strawberries were imported; valued at NOK 427 million.

Norwegian strawberries are arguably the best in the world. During peak season, street vendors set up shop on city street corners across Norway offering fresh Jordbær (Earth berries) or, as said in English: Strawberries.

In Norway, exact locations of hidden, favorite strawberry patches are well-kept, family secrets passed from generation to generation.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today