Norsk Tipping first in the world with gambling limit

LottoLotto.Photo: Norsk Tipping / Pernille Storholm Skaret

From Sunday, Norsk Tipping customers can lose a maximum of 20,000 per month.

The new total limit should help raise awareness generally and prevent risk players from losing too much.

The newly introduced “total limit” means that all players must define an upper limit for how much they can afford, or are willing, to lose per month, but the maximum is NOK 20,000.

– The most preventive effect is that they must put their limit before they can play, in a sober moment, before being warmed up and maybe be affected and spend too much, says Bjorn Helge Hoffmann, manager for responsible gaming in Norwegian Tipping, to the news agency NTB.

He stressed that their experience is that the vast majority of Norsk Tipping’s around 2 million registered players, put moderate limits for themselves, but the figures show that about 20,000 are losing so much that they are considered risk players.


General Secretary Mina Gerhardsen in Actis believes the measure is a good start:
– The most important thing is awareness, that players make up thoughts about how much money they can afford to lose.

The aim is that the games should be for entertainment and pleasure and not that it will create problems, she says.

As the first in the world, Norsk Tipping has received reactions from state gaming companies abroad:

– It is unique in Norway, in that we are in control of how much people are playing, what they lose and therefore have the opportunity to introduce such a limit, says Hoffmann.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today