Norwegian unemployment has increased more than in the rest of the Nordic countries

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The proportion of unemployed in Norway has almost tripled to more than 10 percent, while the unemployment rate in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland is between 3.7 and 7.3 percent.

According to the Aftenposten overview, none of the other Nordic countries have had such a dramatic increase in unemployment figures as Norway: from 3.6 percent before the crisis to 10 percent unemployed now.

Figures from the Finnish Ministry of Trade and Industry show that the registered unemployment rate was 7.3 percent in March, albeit without catching fresh layoffs.

Nor does Denmark have a number that does. The unemployment rate was 3.7 percent at the end of February. However, the Danish labor market agency had registered 90,658 new unemployed from March 9 to April 23 and had a total of 177,000 job seekers last week.

In Sweden, unemployment has increased from 6.8 percent before the crisis to 8 percent now.

The main causes of the inequalities are the measures to combat infection in the countries, which cause the economies to be affected differently so that people lose jobs to a greater or lesser extent. Next, come various layoffs and support schemes.

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