Norwegians are very dissatisfied with food

VegetablesVegetables.Photo. Norway Today Media

Norwegian consumers are among Europe’s least satisfied with the food they buy. Only in Bulgaria and Croatia are discontent larger, shows an EU investigation.

Consumer survey “Consumer Markets Scoreboard” is undertaken by the EU, and includes also Norway and Iceland besides EU member states.

– Compared with other European countries, Norwegian consumers clearly less satisfied with both the meat, the vegetables and fruits they buy, says Gunstein Instefjord, Director of Commerce Consumer Council.

The study shows that Norway scored significantly lower in the food market than countries such as Romania and Hungary. EU country that comes out best is Luxembourg with a score of between 87 and 88 at the various food groups.

Norwegian consumers give the market “meat and meat products» a result of 71.4 compared with the EU average of 80.6 points. For “fruit and vegetables” Norway scores 72.5 against the EU average of 81.6. For food group “bread, cereal, rice and pasta” the difference against the EU was somewhat less.

Dairy was not included as a separate product group in the survey.
The figures for Norway also shows a slight decrease in consumer satisfaction since the last survey by 1 point.

Norway is well behind our neighbors. The distance is even going up with other northern European countries which is natural to compare ourselves with, such as Germany, France and Britain. These countries have an average of 84 points for the three food groups.

– Although distances and settlement conditions create challenges for distribution of fresh goods, we could expect better numbers than this. Consumer does not get expectations fulfilled must be taken as a challenge for the entire value chain, says Instefjord.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today