Norwegians get less free alcohol at Christmas Parties

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1.6 million Norwegians plan on attending Christmas parties with their employer around Christmas. Twenty percent of those surveyed feel that less alcohol has been served than before.

– “Large Cognac and cocktail rounds are almost not offered. Drunkenness is less socially acceptable than before, and this is positive, not least for the employees in the wait staff industry,” says NHO Reiseliv Director Kristin Krohn Devold.

A significant number of those working in companies with more than 100 employees say they have received less amounts of free alcohol beverages at Christmas parties in recent years, compared to smaller businesses, according to the survey conducted by Kantar on behalf of NHO Reiseliv.

Only 1 percent of the 1,004 who conducted the web interviews responded that they received more free alcoholic beverages in recent years. 18 percent responded with “don’t know”.

– “I find it common among employers to treat to a welcome drink and wine or beer with the meal, while what you drink after the meal is most often paid by the individual,” says Krohn Devold.

December is still the undisputed biggest Christmas party month. 73 percent of Christmas party guests will be at Christmas parties in December. At the same time, there is an increasing trend for Christmas parties in November, while fewer are doing a “New Year’s party” in January.

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