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Norwegians have the second highest personal consumption in Europe

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Norwegians had between 8 and 16 percent higher consumption in 2017 than our Nordic neighbours, and were only beaten by the citizens of Luxembourg.

While the Luxembourgers had a personal consumption of 32 per cent above the EU average, Norwegians were 27 per cent above, according to the European purchasing power survey for 2017, communicated by Statistics Norway.

We use less than other countries on restaurants and hotels, alcohol and tobacco, but 42 percent more than the EU average on recreation and culture.

The survey records prices for goods and services aimed at households. The results are used to adjust the price level of the countries’ national accounts.

Icelanders clearly spent the most money on food and non-alcoholic beverages in 2017, with 36 percent more than the average EU spend. In Norway, consumption of food and beverages was 4 per cent below the EU average.

How much goods and services a household consumes is affected by wages, tax levels, access and prices of goods and services. In countries with high per capita GDP, the population’s consumption is often high.

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