Norwegians’ meat consumption has decreased

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Norwegians’ meat consumption has dropped by nearly 1 kilogram per person over the past year, according to a report from the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy (Nibio). It is the second consecutive year that meat consumption has declined.

Meat consumption in 2018 was 51.9 kg per person, down 0.9 kg from the previous year, reports the Nation.

Norwegians are consuming less of all types of meat. The largest decrease was in beef and poultry, which together accounted for 0.7 kg of the decrease per person, a decline of around 3 per cent. For lamb and pork, the decline was around 1 per cent.

Consumption in 2018 is the lowest measured since 2010.

Animalia, the meat industry’s scientific and research centre presented the report on Thursday.

“Meat consumption is declining a little, but at the same time it must be said that when you look at consumption over the last 10 years, the overall picture is that consumption is quite stable. It has been a bit up and down before and, but the decline now is interpreted within the context of the current social debate. When measured against other western countries, we also do not have a very high meat consumption”, said Animalia technical director, Ola Nafstad to the newspaper.

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