Norwegians are optimistic about 2017 economy

Decrease in total taxes Debt trade deficitMoney. Photo: Norway Today Media

Norwegians doubt that the economy will deteriorate next year. Nearly 80% believe their personal finances will improve or remain the same, according to a recent survey.

Only 16% said they believe their personal finances will worsen next year, according to the newspaper,VG.

Chief Economist of DNB bank, Jeanette Strøm Fjære, said their forecasts for next year show partly the same picture as the survey, which was conducted by ‘Infact’ on behalf of VG.
‘We think that in unemployment, there will be some rise. On that point, we are slightly more pessimistic than others. But overall, we think it will get a little better’, said Jeanette Strøm Fjære.

Storbanken believe there will be a slight recovery in 2017. Also, the chief economist at the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), Øystein Dørum, believes there will be further growth next year.

‘But that means that unemployment is unlikely to be much reduced. It will generate more jobs,but will not give any inroads on unemployment’, he said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today