Norwegians shopped to the tune of NOK 23.7 billion in Sweden last year

Nordby Supermarket in Sweden.Photo: Thomas Winje Øijord / Scanpix

According to two recent Swedish reports, Norwegians traded for nearly NOK 24 billion in Sweden last year, wrote E24 newspaper.


Due to the Norwegian tax rate and the high Norwegian tariff, it is expected that the figures will be even higher in 2018 according to the report, which conducted an online survey among approximately 4,300 persons.

The report showed that Norwegians account for a total of 3% of retail sales in Sweden.

Even though today it is primarily groceries that take Norwegians across the border, Mats Hedenström, Business Policy Manager at Svensk Handel,believes that it could change in the future.

“In the future’s border trade, the provision of service will play an importantrole.Besides shopping goods, more and more Norwegians choose to visit the dentist, go to the hairdresser or deliver the car at the workshop when they are in Sweden,’’ said Hedenström to E24.

Hedenström also believes that Swedish trade is attractive to Norwegians partly because the range of stores at the border are increasing.

© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today