Norwegians spent 300 million more on health insurance

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In 2015  Norwegian customers paid 1.141 million in total for private health insurance. That’s an increase of over 300 million from 2013.
This is revealed in the last  review on paid stock prizes for processing insurance policies drawn with the insurance companies in Norway,  Dagens Medisin writes. The review is made by  Finance Norway, the financial industry federation.
In 2013  Norwegians spent 838 million kroner on health insurance. Norwegian companies account for the largest proportion of paid in insurance premiums in 2015.
– Many businesses draw health insurance policies for their employees so that they can get faster treatment and thus shorten their sick leaves. We observe that in 2015  just over half of those who have health insurance availed themselves of it, communication manager at Finance Norway, Tonje Westby, says.
The companies paid a total of 990 million in premiums to collective agreements in 2015, while people who had entered into individual agreements accounted for about 151 million in payments.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today