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Norwegians at top of the heap when paying subscriptions for online news

VGOnline newspaper VG.Photo:Berit Roald / Scanpix

According to the Reuters Institute of Journalism, Norwegians are the most willing online news viewers in the world.


On Thursday, they published an annual report on digital media habits worldwide, wrote Dagens Næringsliv newspaper. The survey showed that one in four Norwegians has paid for online news in the past year.
Even with this somewhat unspectacular figure, it’s enough to make us the world’s most willing paid, online news consumers.
‘It’s only a quarter that have paid, but you must see it in the context of the rest of the world,’ said media researcher, Hallvard Moe of the University of Bergen.
Together with colleagues, Hilde Sakariassen, and Jan Fredrik Hovden, Moe is behind the Norwegian section of the report.
 While Norway is the world leader, with 26% having paid for online news in the past year, Britain is very far down the list. Only 6% answered that they had paid for online news during the past 12 months.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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