Norwegians trade for 2.2 billion at the Swedish Systembolaget

Border SwedenBorder Sweden.Photo: Norway Today Media

Swedish Strömstad has the largest sales of wine, beer and spirits in the Nordic countries, but 90 % of the sales go to Norwegian customers.

Should the population of the border town of Strömstad consume all the wine sold at Systembolaget in the city, it would amount to 483 litres annually for anyone over 15, writes Aftenposten. Corresponding figures for Vinmonopolet’s sales in the neighboring town of Halden on the Norwegian side of the border are 6.4 litres, and in Oslo 18.9 litres, a year.

The high figure for Strömstad is due to 90 % of the wine being drunk by Norwegians, according to an analysis prepared by the company Capstan.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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