Norwegians tried to defraud insurance companies for 314 million


Norwegian insurance customers last year tried to scam insurance companies for a total of NOK 314 million in 1,157 cases.

This appeared in the insurance industry’s fraud report for 2018,which was discussed by Aftenposten newspaper.

For non-life insurance fraud, the average amount is NOK 155,000,while the average amount for sickness and disability insurance is NOK 1.4 million.

In the report, it appears that men are the biggest scammers, and that they are mostly scamming on cars. Among other things, the insurance industry uncovered so-called “companion collisions”, where the people involved claim that they did not know each other, even though it was revealed through social media that they are friends. According to the report, last year 300 fraud attempts were revealed when it came to car insurance, where every fourth were arranged collisions.

The report also showed that younger customers are more inclined to scam than older adults. A new trend is that more people use the same receipt to claim compensation for the same expensive bag that has been “stolen” while travelling.

Replacement of Apple products that have disappeared from stolen luggage have also become a recurring issue.

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