Norwegians want to spend close to NOK 100 billion on the Christmas trade


In total, Norwegians will spend NOK 97 billion for this year’s Christmas celebration. Only in December, each of us spends NOK 11,100 on Christmas food and Christmas gifts.

It shows forecasts from the Oslo Handelsstands Forening (OHS), which expects growth of 0.9 per cent from last year.

December is the most important month for the trade balance, and sales are expected to be about 28 per cent higher than the rest of the year. For some industries, the figure is much higher, such as at toy stores where sales increase by over 200 per cent before Christmas.

– Christmas shopping is very important. If November and December had been taken away, there would have been a lot of red numbers, so we are extremely dependent on a successful Christmas trade, says Bjørn Næs, CEO of OHF, to NTB.

For bookstores, goldsmiths and watchmakers, a turnover increase of around 150 percent is expected.

We started even earlier
But November is also becoming an increasingly important month for stores.

– Each year, approximately NOK 1 to 1.5 billion is transferred from sales in December to November, which is due to the fact that the Christmas gift trade starts earlier and earlier, says Næs.

Black Friday in particular, which is due to launch on November 29, has become important, and Norwegians are pulling the card for around NOK 4 billion just that day.

– Black Friday has in recent years been considered kicked off this year’s Christmas shopping and is one of the reasons why much of the Christmas shopping has moved from December to November, explains Ness.

Most men are out at the last minute
However, it is not all about starting purchases as early as November, and the final days before Christmas are when we shop absolutely the most.

– 11 percent of Christmas gifts are traded in the last two weeks before Christmas, with December 22 and 23 as the largest. But there is a difference in the sexes, says Næs.

A survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of the OHF shows that 18 percent of surveyed men make purchases during the last two weeks before Christmas. In comparison, only 5 percent of women respond the same.

– Here men are in great numbers. It may be about a difference in the ability to plan, laughs Næs.

Bellboy and home delivery
In the center of Oslo, a pilot project is also being launched on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, both bellboy and home delivery are being offered.

– 93 per cent of the customers in the center of Oslo come by public transport, and this is another stressful moment for many to carry with them, says Næs.

Several shopping malls in Oslo will therefore offer the opportunity to deliver bags of Christmas gifts for free storage, or order home delivery for a fee.

– We think this makes for a pleasant time downtown, and we think that is something many will try.

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