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Norwegians will spend NOK 51 billion on Christmas celebrations

Christmas in NorwayChristmas in Norway.Photo: Norway Today Media


Norwegians plan to spend 1,118 kroner more on this year’s Christmas celebrations than last year. “Remember what will come after Christmas” says economist Silje Sandmæl.


“It’s going well in the Norwegian economy, unemployment has fallen and wages have increased.This summer we saw that Norwegians raised the holiday budget by just over 2,400 kroner. Now we continue to step on the consumption gas on our way into Christmas” said economist Silje Sandmæl of DNB bank.

A survey made by Ipsos for DNB shows that every Norwegian plans to spend 12,288 on average on this year’s Christmas celebration, an increase of 10% over the amount we planned to spend during Christmas last year.

6,145 kroner on gifts

Christmas presents are the biggest expense item for many in connection with

Christmas celebrations.This year, they believe in the survey that they will spend NOK 6,145 on gifts, which is around 400 kroner more than last year. Also,on several other things, such as Christmas dinner, clothes and decorations,Norwegians plan to increase consumption.

DNB’s Sandmæl nevertheless warned against losing control of how much money is used during the seasonal celebrations.

‘’Remember that there will also be a time after Christmas. It’s soon done to spend more than planned, and then January may be extra dark’’ she said sombrely.

The consumer economist recommended that you plan the budget properly before getting started.

“Set up a budget of what to spend on Christmas presents, Christmas food, advent
calendar and Christmas food and drink. Keep track of the consumption so you stick to the plan’’ said Sandmæl.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today

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