Norwegians are the ones most willing to pay for online news

VG news onlineVG news online.Photo: Berit Roald / Scanpix

The Norwegian people stand out in a new, international media survey. Among other things, Norway is the country with the largest proportion of people willing to pay for online news .

The survey was made by the British think tank Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism and looks into the news media situation in 26 countries, NRK writes. Norway is for the first time included in the survey.

Among Norwegians  27 percent say they  pay, have paid,  or are willing to pay for access to news in digital media. This proportion is 20 percent higher than in Britain, the country with the largest turnover per per person for such payment services.

Norway is also among the countries with the highest proportion of people who read the news on the phone. Sweden and South Korea are the only countries where a larger proportion of the respondents do so.
However, there is a part of the survey where Norway ends up  “at the bottom”: On the question of whether people want  customized news portals – services that provide news based on what’s new and popular, what you have read before, and what your friends are reading and parts – Norwegians are the ones who are most skeptical.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today