Today is the day of the tax refunds

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Most people who received a tax refund,  will get the money into their accounts during this Wednesday.

2.5 million Norwegians will get back 28 billion in total in taxes, or 11,000 kroner on average, the tax administration said. If you get a tax refund, you will receive the money in your account or on a payment card within two weeks. Most will receive the money in their accounts on Wednesday.

530,000 wage earners and pensioners have got arrears. They have to pay   9 billion kroner in total, or 17,000 kroner on average.
Tax Director Hans Christian Holte says the most important thing you can do to avoid arrears next year, is to change your tax card right away.

– You can easily do this at Reducing debt on your car and your mortgages and the transitory stage to retirement are typical cases where you should change your tax card. You are responsible for ensuring that the basis for the tax card is correct,  Holte says.

The next batch of tax refunds and arrears will “arrive” on August 3rd. That batch also include those who are self-employed and their spouses, as well as taxpayers who filed their tax returns on paper. After August 3 there will be ongoing tax refunds and arrears until it ends at October 12.


Source : NTB scanpix / Norway Today