People living on minimum pensions will get more money

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Around 70,000 pensioners living by themselves om the minimum pensions will get more money  from 1 September. But the Pensioners’ Association is not satisfied.

In last year’s negotiations on the state budget the government and its supporting parties agreed to increase the minimum pension of single pensioners with 4.000 kroner a year.

– Single pensioners who receive the minimum pension currently have an income of 179,748 kroner. This is far below the poverty line. They pay no taxes, which means that they do not benefit from the tax cuts that the state budget provides  to other groups,  the Christian Democratic Party finance spokesperson Hans Olav Syversen says.

Breach of promise

The new limits will come into force on September 1, but not everyone will benefit from the increase. A group of between 10,000 and 15,000 people will not be included because they aldready get a smaller supplementary pension.

– We consider  this to be a plain breach of their promise. We are very surprised, since the government was so adamant that everyone now would get 4.000 kroner more in their minimum pensions,  the leader of the Pensioners’ ,Jan Davidsen, said to Aftenposten earlier this month.

– I understand that  the Pensioners’ Association also are fighting on the behalf of those with supplementary retirement benefits, but our aim this time was to improve the financial situation of those that only get the minimum pension, Syversen replies.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today