Now you can have your driver’s license on your mobile

Practice test for driver's license translated to Arabic fake driver's license driving licenses Driver's license .Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Now you don’t have to carry your physical driver’s license with you while driving. On Tuesday, you can download an app and have the driver’s license on your mobile.

Norway is thus probably the first country in Europe to roll out the solution on a full scale, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration reports on its website.

The scheme enters into force from Tuesday 1 October and applies to 2.2 million Norwegians.

The app, called “Driver’s License”, is available on the Apple store and Google play.

The digital driver’s license is valid documentation of your driver’s rights and valid as identification if you are stopped in traffic control. You do not need to bring the plastic card as well.

However, the digital driver’s license is only valid in Norway, and if you need to rent a car, either in Norway or abroad, you must still present the plastic card for a period of time.

Physical driver’s licenses will still be issued, both to those who receive their driver’s licenses for the first time, and upon renewal.

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