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NRK: Analysis disproves Norwegian oil has lower pollution levels

Oil industry: 50,000 oil jobs disappear in downturn exportsOil industry. Photo Wikipedia

The Norwegian oil industry is defending its own existence with the fact that Norwegian oil and gas has the lowest emission from their production processes. It is wrong, according to researchers.

The TV program Brennpunkt on NRK news discusses how Norway justifies that we can pump up more oil, causing large emissions of CO2, said Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen, CEO of the interest organization Norwegian Oil Industry Association. He is repeating the argument that oil and gas should be provided by countries that have minimum emissions related to the production.

– it is Norway doing this most often. Therefore there is no oil from Norway that must be shut down first. It is actually what must be shut down the least, he said.

According focal point there is no evidence that Norway has fewer emissions from production than any other country. We are located just below average in the world, and many Norwegian fields have high emissions.

Two of Saudi Arabia’s largest oil field have significantly reduced emissions from production compared to the average emissions in Norway, according to figures from the research institute Carnegie. Schjøtt-Pedersen believes it is wrong to compare two of Saudi Arabia’s “best” fields with the average for the Norwegian shelf.

Oil and gas account for around 5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions which the fossil fuels causes. Most originate from the combustion of oil and gas.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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