Number of complaints about Nav have doubled since 2015

NAVLogo NAV. Photo Norway Today Media

This year so far there have been twice as many complaints regarding Nav’s service as it was back in 2015.


“Have to do more, for less” answered Nav.

In 2015 Nav received 5.196 complaints about their service. A year ago, the numbers have increased to 7.035. By the end of August this year, the number of received complaints were 9.630.

If the complaints are going to come with the same rates, Nav will have received about 13.000 of them in 2017, writes Klassekampen.

“This is very alarming. A lot indicates that Nav is going in a completely wrong direction.”, says Arne Lein, union leader in Norges Handikapforbund(Norways’s Disability Union), who is also representative in Nav’s central council.

According to Nav’s review of complaints, 40 percent of them are about the time administration takes, and 36 percent is related to their guidance. The rest is shared between accessibility and Nav employees’ behavior.

“It is unfortunate that the number of complaints are raising, but it is very important for us, that our clients give us feedback, if they are not satisfied. This knowledge we use to improve our services.”, says Kjell Hugvik, Director of Services at Nav.

Nav writes on their website, they <<have to do more for less thorough digitization, renewal and strengthen prioritization to meet the growth in the number of clients in the years to come>>.



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