Number of job seekers fell by 39,600 in July

NAV office, where unemployed and job seekers goes for support.NAV. Photo: Norway Today Media

There has been a less than expected number of job seekers and unemployed at the end of July. As of the end of July, 232,700 fully and partially unemployed people are registered for support from Nav. This makes 8.2 percent of the workforce.

139,800 people were registered as fully unemployed at the end of July. This constitutes to 4.9 percent of the workforce. The Gross unemployment, which is the sum of the amount of fully unemployed and job seekers on support, was at 149,400 people or 5.3 percent of the workforce. 

In addition 83,400 people registered as partially unemployed. 52,900 of the fully unemployed were discharged, while the same applies to 55,500 of the partially unemployed. Those who are discharged make up a total of 3.8 percent of the workforce. 

Unemployment continues to fall

– Overall, unemployment continues to fall, but the level is still high from a historical perspective, says the Director of Labor and Services, Kjell Hugvik, in Nav.

The amount registered as fully unemployed has risen in most counties and occupational groups in the last months, but this, according to Nav, is in connection with the fact that the numbers of fully unemployed tends to increase from the months of June to July. The increase from June to July this year is lower than usual.

Because of COVID-19 there has been a lot of focus on the unemployment rate for the past few months. However, in Norway there has been a lot less consequences than in many other countries. In the middle of March, the Norwegian government decided to shut down businesses in some industries and gave strict travel advice. Now the society has opened up more, with businesses having less restrictions. This has led to many people getting their jobs back all over the country.

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